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How to load Faithful PBR


  • Minecraft: Java Edition 1.14.4+

  • Optifine OR Fabric, Iris and Continuity

  • A LabPBR compatible shaderpack

  • A FaithfulPBR resourcepack


  1. Download a FaithfulPBR resourcepack and place in the resourcepacks folder.

  2. Download and install either Optifine, or Fabric, Iris and Continuity.

  3. Place a LabPBR compatible shaderpack in the shaderpacks folder.

  4. In Minecraft, select the Faithful PBR resourcepack.

  5. In the video settings, select and apply the LabPBR shaderpack.

  6. Adjust the shaderpack's settings to enable any PBR features (this may be done by default already).

  7. Exit the settings and enter a world. If everything is done correctly, the shaderpack and resourcepack should be loaded!


Patreon exclusive info:

Due to limitations, the 1024 and 2048x packs have been split up into pieces. To load them correctly, you need to load each update on top of the other like so:


However, loading too many of them may crash the game or just not work, so you can at most, probably run 3 of the 2048x packs at once.

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